Structuring for Success: Pharma's Multichannel Acceleration

October 9, 2017

We interviewed pharma’s multichannel leaders to discover the keys to building successful customer engagement teams and capabilities


Clients use Structuring for Success to:

  • Plan/launch/relaunch multichannel capabilities or Centers of Excellence (COE)
  • Identify most successful approaches for structuring multichannel teams 
  • Optimize multichannel team roles and channel expertise
  • Gain executive buy-in for multichannel headcount or technology investment
  • Plan for staffing needed to effectively engage customers in 2018+


Get access to:

  • Expert analysts and organizational consultants who work extensively with leading pharma multichannel teams
  • Candid case studies from current and former COE leaders
  • Benchmark org charts for 3 pharma multichannel COEs


Key questions:

  • What challenges and obstacles do we need to plan for? How do other pharma multichannel teams address these challenges?
  • How should we structure our multichannel team? Should we be more closely aligned with brand and treatment area leadership?
  • What are industry best practices for establishing and structuring multichannel centers of excellence?
  • In which areas of expertise should our team invest? Where should we be spending most of our time?
  • How do peers fund and budget their multichannel COEs?
  • What are the most common software platforms and vendors deployed by our peers?
  • What organizational characteristics are associated with COE success?
  • How can we create a 'future-proof' team that will withstand changes in corporate culture and technology?
  • Where should we go from here?


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