Physician Multichannel Playbooks

November 8, 2017

Research and expertise to make your planning decisions smarter, easier and faster

  • Up-level strategic planning with physician behavior data
  • Focus time and budget on tactics supported by data
  • Align spending with physician priorities
  • Ensure brand strategy and planning decisions are based on validated usage/intent data from your specific specialist audience

25 specialty areas and 28 countries covered


Key questions addressed in each playbook:

  • How can you extend the impact of your reps/field force through data-driven multichannel strategies? What specific tactics will influence prescribing?


  • Which channels, sources and platforms are your HCP audiences relying on for information and decision-making today? Which partners and vendors should you focus your resources and budget?


  • What types of digital content and website features are most likely to engage and activate your HCP audiences based on their needs and motivations?


  • What are the best opportunities for your brand to support physicians’ relationships with patients at the point of care?


  • Which tactics should you prioritize and avoid in planning discussions? What tactics should you explore for differentiating your brand?


  • Which best practices do you need to employ across channels to avoid harming physician relationships?


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