Physician Content Marketing & Website Strategy

September 21, 2016

Create multichannel physician experiences that drive results


In the new healthcare landscape where outcomes and holistic care are king – pharma brands are forced to rethink how they communicate their value to physicians.

Brands can no longer rely on reps alone or shouting their product messages the loudest – the true differentiator has become how brands supplement their treatment with multichannel content, services and experiences that support physician and patient goals. 



DRG Digital helps you make smarter decisions about how to reach, engage and motivate physicians through our customer data, analytics and experts.

We have coverage and expertise in 25+ specialties and 29 countries, and can answer the following questions for your brand:


  • Value of physician content marketing
    • What is demand by specialty group?
    • What is the influence on prescribing behaviors?


  • Content and context
    • What do physicians want from your brand, what are your competitors doing, and where are there white space in the market to stand out?
    • What is the optimal mix of product education, patient resources, value-added services, and beyond the pill solutions? What will drive ROI?
    • How can you make sure you’re providing the right messaging and content at the right moment your customers need it?


  • Channels and promotion
    • Where should you distribute and promote your content to get in front of your specific audience?
    • What are best practices for execution and tailoring interactions by channel?
    • Which networks and influencers should you partner with to increase effectiveness?


  • Continuous improvement
    • Are you driving the results you want? What’s working and not working?
    • What steps do you need to take to be more effective?
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