EU5 Oncologist Digital Research

December 12, 2016

Manhattan Research trusted EU5 oncologist data enables you to create multichannel customer experiences that drive results

Country-level oncologist data available for UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France


We survey oncologists about their digital behavior and attitudes so you can make customer-first planning decisions:

  • Enhancing content strategies: How can you develop content on your digital assets to improve oncologist engagement? What content should you disseminate though partnerships with professional websites? 
  • Utilizing patient resources and solutions: What role does patient information play in clinical decisions? How can you better engage with oncologists by providing patient information and services? 
  • Identifying key digital touchpoints: How can you interact with oncologists within their daily workflow? How can you best utilize EMRs, mobile, online video and congresses to interact with oncologists? 
  • Optimizing rep relationships: What tactics can you implement to best engage with oncologists in a face-to-face setting? How can you use sales reps to drive digital strategies?




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