Report: Assessing the EHR Landscape

November 15, 2016

New report helps pharma brands navigate the EHR landscape and assess partnership opportunities

Seven years after passage of the HITECH Act incentivizing health IT implementation, EHR adoption is near universal and EHR use has been integrated into physicians’ work streams. 

The advent of EHR systems was greeted by pharma marketers with some concern, as marketers feared that EHRs might disrupt their relationships with physicians by decreasing demand for external digital resources, including those offered by pharma brands and companies. 

The good news for pharma is that physicians still find value in these resources and are willing to leave their EHR systems to access them. The bad news is that use of pharma websites by physicians between consults has begun trending downwards slightly, even as overall use of external digital resources holds steady.


In the long run, pharma brands will need to find means of delivering digital resources to physicians within an EHR environment – a difficult task, given that a number of large enterprise vendors have so far given pharma the cold shoulder.


DRG Digital Senior Analyst Heather Figlar has written a new report to help pharma identify opportunities to engage HCPs in EHRs.

Key topics covered: 

  • Assessing the EHR landscape
  • Opportunities for pharma to partner with EHR vendors
  • Top types of resources physicians want from pharma in EHRs 
  • EHR vendor analysis
  • Key implications and takeaways for pharma brands 

Analysis can be cut by 25+ specialist types


To learn more about this report and how to access, please fill out the below form:

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