Multichannel Payer Marketing Study

April 10, 2017

Research and expert analysis to inform engagement of the P&T committee members driving formulary decisions

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Get the industry's most in-depth study of U.S. P&T committee members at hospitals, MCOs and PBMs (180+ execs surveyed)


How clients use the Payer Multichannel Marketing Study:

  • Leverage Manhattan Research expertise to influence formulary and pre-authorization decisions
  • Prioritize resources towards the content and marketing channels that P&T committee members rely on most
  • Understand next-generation opportunities to engage P&T committee members using digital channels, value-added services and technology-enabled reps


Key questions answered in the research:

  • High touch account engagement: How and where do P&T committee members want to interact with account managers? To what extent do P&T committee members rely on account managers to curate content? How valuable do P&T committee members find tablet presentations?


  • Payer multichannel engagement: Which content and services do P&T committee members want on payer portals, and what value will drive registration? How can payer marketers leverage product websites, search and social to drive adoption and ROI?


  • Beyond the pill innovation: What types of patient support offerings should pharma offer to influence formulary decisions? What support solutions do P&T committee members seek for their ACO populations, and how does demand differ from non-ACO populations?



We're currently interviewing clients for input for the 2017 edition of this study - reach out to if there are questions you'd like to test for this study, or if you'd like to learn more about purchasing and charter sponsorships. 



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